Exposure To Lead Found To Be Extremely Dangerous For Children, Pregnant Women

Lead exposure found to be dangerous for pregnant women and children

Young children are said to be very sensitive to the exposure of lead.

A recent study found in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal has just announced that pregnant women could be as sensitive, too.

It was assumed that even with little lead exposure, pregnant women would not notice negative side effects from lead exposure. Apparently, with more lead toxicity, there will be a significant change in the blood pressure level of pregnant women. No matter the amount of exposure, lead toxicity is not believed to be safe for pregnant women.

Women having higher blood pressure during pregnancy will increase the risk of complications during child labor. Normally, the blood pressure increases during childbirth but if this high blood pressure is prolonged, severe complications may be present during the delivery.

Exposure to lead has become an issue in many cities since its presence in schools and homes has been more prevalent. Lead is not easily removed from the body because it can be stored in the bones.

Experts explain that additional studies are vital to help determine the safest level of lead exposure for adults and children.