Detect A Concussion In Just One Minute, Study Says

New tests may effectively diagnose concussions in just one minute

New findings by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine explain athletes can easily be tested and diagnosed with a concussion in just one minute.

This one-minute testing does not include highly technological gadgets but it is superior in its simplicity when compared with other modern alternative methods. The testing kit just includes index cards with single-digit numbers on them.

Detecting a concussion is very easy when using these cards. An athlete taking more than five seconds in answering might show signs of a concussion Not being able to answer immediately shows the athlete being potentially altered physically and not well within the present state of a normal and healthy person.

This test name is the King-Devick test. It focuses on the abnormal and different eye movements that usually occur when a person has had a concussion. This test should not be the only test performed, but it has shown to be effective at quickly diagnosing concussions. Emotional and intellectual levels may affect the results as well.

This study shows the test to be a quick method to measure the awareness and the state of health of athletes.

Many professionals can quickly point out a concussion, but this study takes it one step further.Furthermore, early treatment of concussions may lessen the extent of long-term damage.