Cancer Treatment Combination, Avastin And Chemotherapy, May Be Dangerous

Avastin, when combined with chemotherapy, may be dangerous

The cancer drug Bevacizumab, also known as Avastin, was found to be dangerous for individuals who are taking the drug and undergoing chemotherapy.  Studies show that the combination of these two cancer treatments can increase the death rates among those who already afflicted with a deadly cancer.

Avastin is administered to cancer patients who have cancer that has spread all over the body.  It is typically used for patients who have colon cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer.  All cancers mentioned are considered metastatic and the drug was administered in conjunction with standard chemotherapy.

While believed to be effective, and potentially effective when treated using one method or the other, the combination has been the center of controversy as it failed to extend the lives of the patients.  These treatments can only slow down the growth of tumors.  Because of that, members of the Food and Drug Administration have questioned the use of Avastin on advance cancer patients.

Avastin is becoming increasingly familiar as a treatment drug for cancer patients.

Experts believe additional studies need to be performed to determine if any additional benefits exist for patients who take this drug.