Body Fat May Negatively Influence Memory Function

Excess mid-section weight may negatively impact memory function for women

Researchers found that body fat location may have something to do with memory loss. What researchers are trying to determine is whether or not it is truly possible to lose weight from a specific part of the body.

According to a recent study, every point raised in a woman’s BMI will cause a one-point decrease in her memory score. The research also found out that the location of excess fat plays an important role in the cognitive function of the brain. It implied that women with excess weight more visible in the hips will more likely experience memory problems as compared to women whose body fat is deposited around the waist.

The study further stated that the excess fat found along the hips is the type which secretes hormones that result in inflammation. This inflammation is said to negatively affect the normal cognitive activity of the human brain.

Though there may be no known details as to how excess fat location can be managed properly, memory deterioration can still be prevented.

Experts suggest engaging in weight loss programs, maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle, and eating a well-balanced diet to be beneficial for overall health.