Heart Disease Risks Decrease As Blood Pressure Decreases, CDC Explains

The CDC has released statements about preventing and reducing heart disease risks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have explained interesting findings about the primary cause of death in the United States, heart disease. Heart disease encompasses a variety of diseases affecting the heart. It is known that women live longer than men.

However, older women usually account lower quality of life than men. The American Heart Association explains that hypertension is a significant factor in the progression of other cardiovascular complications such as stroke and heart attack. Hypertension is a chronic cardiac medical condition. Even a moderate elevation of arterial blood pressure may leads to a lower life expectancy.

Middle-aged women can reduce their heart disease risks by lowering blood pressure. As blood pressure decreases, women typically notice a better quality of life, and can also notice heart disease risk decreases of up to 40 percent or more.

Research teams advised physicians and female patients to be more aggressive and watchful in monitoring and ensuring a healthy blood pressure. Constant monitoring of blood pressure could prevent or reverse heart disease by more than 35 percent in women and nearly 25 percent in men.