Female Reproductive Lifespan May Affect Menopause Onset

Early menopause may be a growing illness for women

Studies from Breakthrough Generations Study and scientists from University Exeter Peninsula Medical School have shown that UK women are the ones that have been experiencing early menopausal illness and it has something to do with reproductive lifespans of women.

Studies have concluded that for every 20,000 women, one experiences early menopause. Breakthrough Generations Study, with the help of the Institute of Cancer Research, has been continuously unraveling the core cause of this early menopause illness. Factors researchers analyzed environmental factors, genetic or hereditary histories, and even lifestyle.

It has been believed that women who experience early menopause are less prone to breast cancer but, other diseases like cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis become more likely.

Experts believe these studies explain that women who are in tune with their health may be able to prevent potential early menopause.

Additional studies are being conducted on potential risk factors for developing this condition.