Americans May Rely Too Heavily On Health Insurance

Many Americans rely too heavily on health insurance

The presence of health insurance may make people more lenient about their health. This may be the case in many U.S. adults who have high LDL cholesterol levels and hypertension.

High LDL cholesterol levels and hypertension are silent epidemics and having health insurance does not keep people safe from the effects of these diseases.

Surveys show that there is a high number of U.S. adults who have uncontrolled LDL levels and hypertension, all having health insurance. Despite this fact, there are still a high number of deaths from these diseases, which could have easily been controlled if only prompt action was taken in order to give treatment as early as possible.

With this fact established, the CDC has suggested better protocols of management and follow-up for these patients. Those who are in charge of health care must work together as a team in helping to fight this epidemic.

On the other hand, people should be aware of cholesterol and blood pressure numbers and be able to monitor themselves consistently.

Along with this, measures for health improvement and prevention of illness should be reinforced.

Experts suggest following a healthy diet with less sodium and fat. Regular exercise also helps to prevent these conditions as exercise helps to reduce LDL cholesterol and hypertension.

Health care is meant to help individuals in need and not as a means for forgetting to take proper health precautions.