Experts Urge For A More Systematic Plan To Diagnose Autism

Diagnosing autism may become more systematic

Autism in itself is a very complex condition that is classified to be a developmental disorder that starts at a very early age. Children with autism are characterized to suffer from delays in language development and many other social aspects. They are also likely to develop a repetitive behavior and have problem socializing with people and children their age.

There are three defining features of Autism, mainly the impairment in social skills, the impairment in the ability to communicate, and the significant repetitive behavior. Although these symptoms are very common among children with autism, it doesn’t mean that they can all be addressed in the same manner and with the same approach.  These children still do have different needs that need to be addressed accordingly. This is because not all children with autism experience the same level of developmental delay. There are some who may lack the social skills but don’t necessarily have much problem in the communication area.

Because of these different levels or types of autism, health officials now call for the National Health Service to provide a clearer and more distinct process and outline on how to diagnose children with autism.

Autism is not a very easy and well-defined condition that can be classified automatically, the process will take some time and effort but the outcome will be of much use to the affected children. Different children with autism spectrum disorder should be examined properly so that different profiles may be created. Once these profiles are created, a specific approach or plan of care may be made to address their different needs.

Often children with autism are managed in the same manner. Experts suggest that this should not be the case, since these children all have different needs and have different areas that need to be developed. With the help of a clearer distinction of the profiles of children with autism, the parents of these children will no longer have to endure the pain of having to repetitively go through various professionals in the hope of getting an individualized plan of care.