Elderly Care Homes May Be Severely Neglecting Residents

New regulations may make elderly care homes a better place to live

A look at the etiology of deaths from 2005 to 2009 of the elderly committed in care homes, revealed that a number of mortalities were not entirely unavoidable. A whopping 1,446 died due to bedsores while 1,349 died due to Clostridium difficile. Another 579 people died due to MRSA while 667 deaths were caused by dehydration.

It should also be noted that these deaths occurred after the savings of these elderly people were completely drained. This led to the need to make drastic improvements in various care home institutions.

More stringent rules were implemented through the Care Standards Act 2000. In fact, many care homes were shut down because they were unable to meet the standards. Despite this, many government funded care facilities still continued their operation despite sub-standard patient care.

In 1997, the Department of Labor took charge and one of the things that were focused on was the overwhelming amount of mortalities that resulted from superbugs. Many were alarmed because the death toll resulting from neglect was even far higher than the ones caused by inadequacy of medicines given.

To address this immense problem, the government aims that when April 2013 comes, all persons in need of care will be able to gain access to adequate health services paid for by funds sourced by their own council.

Furthermore, people are encouraged to take some time to think about whether or not placing a relative in a care home is beneficial or possibly life threatening.