Black People Suffer More Strokes, Survive More Often

Black people have more strokes but also survive better after having them

A new study explains that while black people notice higher risks for stroke, they actually experience higher rates of survival after having a stroke.

Many experts believed the opposite was true, but that may have been the case due to the larger number of strokes suffered by black individuals.

For the study, researchers analyzed over 23,000 patients who had a stroke over. Researchers found that after just one month, white patients noticed 11 percent mortality while black patients experienced a 6 percent chance of death.

One year after suffering a stroke, nearly 25 percent of white stroke patients had died, and less than 17 percent of black stroke patients died.

The study can be found in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Researchers did account for additional health factors when making conclusions about death risks.

One researcher suggests the reason for this may be partially due to the higher chance that a black patient will receive some form of life-sustaining equipment.

More than 15 percent of black patients were put on a ventilator, dialysis, or received CPR, while less than 13 percent of white patients did.

Researchers explain this is not exactly a significant explanation, but it does prove additional effort should be placed on how life-sustaining equipment is used.