Artificial Pancreas Helps Control Glucose Levels For Pregnant, Diabetics

An artificial pancreas may be the answer to help control glucose levels

A study by British researchers found out the advantageous effects of having an artificial pancreas for people suffering from diabetes, particularly Type 1 diabetes.

Previous and current participants of the tests were pregnant women and children who have this condition. Type 1 diabetes negatively affects the breaking down of sugar in the body. With the irregularity of this process, failure of the organs occurs and eventually these patients die.

It is not anymore uncommon for children to show signs and symptoms of Type 1 diabetes. Unfortunately, for these children, immune system function is not as strong. Furthermore, pregnant women suffering from this disease are greatly at risk since there is a constant change in hormone levels. Due to that, glucose levels may also be unstable.

The young patients who had undergone trying the artificial pancreas showed some positive signs in somehow improving their state. There was a reduction in hypoglycemia and an improvement in glucose levels.

The artificial pancreas system also had an improved effect on the pregnant patients. Normalized blood sugar levels were almost achieved and blood sugar level did not go on the danger zone.

The study may still be in its trial stage, but it is providing hope for those suffering with this disease.

Further studies will be conducted since the initial tests proved to be valuable.