Advertising Campaign Warns Residents About Sugar Content In Drinks

A new campaign warns New Yorkers about the sugar content in many daily drinks

With increased discussion about the overall health status in America, many changes are being made.

First lady Michelle Obama has launched a massive campaign to help curb childhood obesity, manufacturers are offering new “Nutrition Keys” on packages, and now, advertisements are being launched to help point out the risks of consuming sugar-loaded food and drinks.

City health officials in New York have launched an advertising campaign that suggests to local residents that it may be beneficial for health if extremely sugary beverages were avoided.

The primary purpose of the ad is to stress how much sugar is in everyday drinks, and how bad that hefty sugar consumption is for the body. The ads explain that soda contains more than 15 packets of sugar and sweetened coffee beverages may have upwards of 30 or more packets of sugar.

The campaign is included in the “Pouring On The Pounds” campaign. Suggestions include drinking more water and low-fat or fat-free milk.

More than 700,000 New York residents have diabetes, so this campaign hits home for many residents.