Fall, Winter Cause Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Depression

Season affective disorder may cause depression for people during winter months

While depression affects individuals throughout the year, Mayo Clinic explains there is a seasonal depression as well. In fact, seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, typically begins in the fall and continues through the winter months.

Common symptoms of this disorder include being moody, lack of energy, and even depression.

Suggested treatments for seasonal affective disorder include psychotherapy, light therapy, and in certain cases, medication.

Experts are unsure as to what exactly causes this disorder, but believe a reduction of sunlight may be part of the reason. Additionally, with a decreased amount of sunlight, melatonin and serotonin levels also decrease which can negatively affect sleep and mood in people.

Females appear to be more subject to the disorder than men. Additional risk factors include living further from the equator, as even less sunlight is visible then.

Experts suggest that this disorder be taken seriously as failure to properly treat it may result in severe depression, potentially leading to suicidal thoughts and suicide.