Dangerous Lead Levels Cause Another Nuclear Sludge Recall

Smaller Nuclear Sludge candies have been recalled due to lead content

A recall has been issued on a popular candy item due to dangerous levels of lead found in the candy.

The candy is called Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge, and it is manufactured by a company called Candy Dynamics.

The company issued a voluntary recall after noticing that specific test batches contained much higher than allowed lead content.

In one test, lead levels were found to be more than triple the allowed lead content, a level that could be extremely dangerous for pregnant women, infants, and young children.

The Nuclear Sludge candies that were recalled were the cherry, green apple, and blue raspberry flavors.

No illnesses caused by consumption of this candy have been reported.

The candy was sold to the United States, Mexico, Jordan, Ireland, Guatemala, Canada, and El Salvador.

This recall pertains more to smaller candies — a previous Nuclear Sludge recall involved candy bars of larger sizes.