College Students Notice High Stress Levels, Survey Shows

Nearly half of all college students experience higher levels of stress

Numerous surveys show that college freshman are experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before.

With record lows in the emotional stress category, experts have been piecing together exactly what could be causing this potentially dangerous finding.

When surveying more than 200,000 college freshman, researchers found that nearly half of them are emotionally ‘healthy’, a figure far less than when the survey was introduced 25 years ago.

With the ever-increasing costs of college, experts explain that to be a potential cause for the amount of freshman experiencing added stress. Additionally, the economy may be part of the cause as the number of students required to get jobs or financial aid is on the rise as well.

Experts explain students would be less stressed if they planned more in advance. Setting up plans for how to allocate time as well as budgeting plans may help reduce the anxiety levels for students.

Many students explain the cost of textbooks to be outrageous as well, and experts explain renting them or looking for used books instead of buying them new, when available.