Bill Gates, Abu Dhabi Prince To Donate $100 Million For Vaccines

Significant donations by Bill Gates, Abu Dhabi prince will help polio prevention

A significant donation offered by Bill Gates’ foundation the crown prince of Abu Dhabi may help alleviate disease in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

With a combined donation of $100 million (each offering $50 million), the goal is to offer vaccines to children that should help prevent diseases for children in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The funds are expected to be dispersed mainly to help fight pneumonia, diptheria, whooping cough, and other potentially life threatening diseases that commonly affect young children.

Remaining funds are to be used for polio vaccines which will be distrubuted by the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

Bill Gates is a large supporter in preventing polio, making that one of his top priorities for many donations.

Gates plans to donate another large sum of money to support polio prevention in Switzerland as well.

Bill Gates has recently teamed up with Warren Buffet as well to increase potential donation opportunities based on funds provided by Warren Buffet and his companies.