Salmonella Scare Causes Cilantro Recall

A potentially contaminated batch of cilantro lead to a recent recall

The Monterey County Health Department explained that a batch of fresh cilantro has been recalled by the grower because of a fear of salmonella contamination.

While no instances of illness have been reported, the cilantro has been on shelves since mid-January. The cilantro was grown by Tanimura & Antle.

Health department officials have explained that if any consumers have the product at home, it should be discarded properly and immediately.

The potentially contaminated cilantro was sold in bunches of white packages with blue letters.

Common symptoms of salmonella include nausea, vomiting, fever, and diarrhea. Additionally, individuals may notice stomach pain that can onset anytime following ingestion, and up to 72 hours after.

Health officials explain that in very rare cases, salmonella can lead to other severe, potentially life-threatening illness.

The health department suggests that anybody experiencing these symptoms who also consumed the product, should seek medical attention as soon as possible.