Resistant Starch Foods: The Next Big Thing?

Bananas contain large amounts of resistant starch

A new buzz word in the health industry lately has been resistant starch foods. Some confuse the idea with that of the Atkin’s Diet, but resistant starch food simply means it does not digest in the small intestine.

On one hand, high-glucose foods are digested quickly for instant energy or stored if the energy is not needed. Now, resistant starch foods, due to the natural properties, are digested more slowly in the body.

Some foods, like bananas, contain resistant starch naturally. Now, ingredients like resistant corn starch are being formulated to make healthier food choices.

Since these foods are resistant to digestion in the small intestine, digestion must occur in the large intestine.

Due to the properties of the food, less overall calories are consumed because the foods cause a greater feeling of ‘fullness’ than simple starch foods.

A University of Colorado study explained that these resistant starches have a handful of positive effects including the ability to assist in lowering cholesterol, increase muscle mass, shrink fat cells, and increase fat burning.

Many experts compare resistant starch foods to dietary fiber as the principles are drastically similar.

Resistant starch foods include brown rice, barley, bananas, cereals, bread, and potatoes.