Mercury Poisoning Threat May Affect Entire United States

Coal-driven power plants emit mercury

Power plants in Nevada may be causing significant health problems for the environment, health officials say. Since the plant is coal-fired, it emits mercury — potentially enough to cause significant health effects for the public in the surrounding areas.

Environment Nevada is working to limit mercury emissions in the United States.

Reports released by the group explain that Nevada power plants emit very low amounts of mercury when compared to other power plants in the United States.

Officials believe this statement to be alarming. If the Nevada plants pose a health risks and release some of the lowest mercury numbers in the country, the risks from some of the more significant emission buildings may be extremely dangerous.

The report data was verified by the American Lung Association.

Found in coal, mercury releases when it is burned.

The reason fish contain mercury is that when it settles, it typically settles into large bodies of water, instantly influencing fish.

Potential mercury poisoning effects include brain and liver damage.