HIV Prevention Medication, Truvada, 92 Percent Effective With Proper Use

New HIV medication may be up to 92 percent effective

Researchers recently discovered what was believed to be a life-changing finding. What researchers found was a medication to potentially decrease risks of contracting HIV. However, many health officials are now skeptical about these findings and are investigating the claims that this drug is all it’s believed to be.

The drug in question, Truvada, has been sold as a treatment for HIV.

When analyzing more than 2,500 homosexual men, researchers noticed a potential risk decrease of HIV to the tune of 92 percent when patients used Truvada.

While the findings may seem promising, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe additional information needs to be gathered. One of the requests from the CDC also aims to inform individuals to take this medication daily, not as a preventative method for engaging in risky sexual behavior.

Another alarming statement by the CDC included the cost of these drugs. At more than $35 per pill, a yearly prescription would cost upwards of $13,000.

Common side effects of Truvada include diarrhea, fatigue, and potential liver damage.