Cholera Infects 37 Dominican Republic Visitors

37 Venezeulans get cholera in Dominican Republic

A family celebration in the Dominican Republic resulted in 37 people becoming infected with cholera, Venezuelan health authorities explain.

Cholera is typically easy to treat when it is noticed and diagnosed quickly. However, a common symptom of cholera, dehydration, may cause severe illness and even death in just a few hours if treatment is unavailable or improper.

Health officials explain that everybody at the family event (a wedding) should be tested and potentially treated for any cholera symptoms that are present. It was estimated that nearly 500 individuals could be affected.

After the earthquake in Haiti, cholera has caused about 4,000 deaths.

In the Dominican Republic, over 200 instances of cholera have been reported. One individual died from cholera.

Cholera is a bacterial infection in the small intestines.

Symptoms of cholera include diarrhea, vomiting, and severe dehydration.

Common treatment methods include antibiotics and re-hydration through intravenous fluids.

Dominican health officials say all individuals who received treatment from the wedding are in good health again.