Acid Reflux, Obesity, Sleep Apnea May All Be Related, Research Shows

Unhealthy foods may be a primary cause for obesity and acid reflux

New research may show how three fairly common ailments may work together to increase death risks. A new study is working to determine whether or not obesity, acid reflux disease, and sleep apnea may affect each other and whether or not an individual is more likely to die because of these physical health issues.

Researchers believe obesity directly causes sleep apnea. Additionally, lack of sleep or sound sleep often increases the risks of other health problems like blood pressure, stress, and even heart attack.

Sleep apnea causes interrupted breathing while sleeping, and the effects of these breathing pauses may be magnified if a person has acid reflux.

Before people realize they have sleep apnea, they often wake up feeling tired, assuming it was just a bad night of sleep. Instead, sleep apnea and acid reflux disease may be the culprits.

Researchers at the Lynn Health Science Research Institute explain that these ailments may be linked to other significant health dangers as well, like depression or carelessness.

Obesity is a primary cause of sleep apnea as well, as nearly 7 of 10 individuals with sleep apnea are obese. Obesity may also lead to acid reflux which creates a big web of health problems.