Real Beef? Taco Bell Lawsuit

Taco Bell is being sued for falsely advertising the contents of meat in tacos

While some believe Taco Bell tacos are not all they’re cracked up to be, the company defends allegations that their products are in fact all beef.

Taco Bell officials explain that the beef used in restaurants is the same beef that can be found at supermarkets, and it is in fact 100 percent USDA-inspected. The meat is then cooked in a secret seasoning blend which is what helps distinguish the product from other restaurants.

Taco Bell is being sued because it is believed the beef is actually a meat mixture with added products to make it seem more full.

Officials from Taco Bell explained the product does contain fillers to help save money, but the meat used is pure USDA grade.

Lawyers explain that this is unacceptable as it provides a competitive edge over authentic Mexican restaurants.

The lawsuit is not in attempts to seek a cash payout, but to hold Taco Bell accountable for nutrition and advertising practices.