Genes May Determine Friend, Relationship Choices

Genetic makeup may determine friendship and relationship choices

New research shows that friend and relationship choices may be largely influenced by genetic makeup instead of just similar interests and activities.

Researchers from Texas analyzed flies and noticed that specific genes become activated during interactions with flies from the opposite sex.

This research can be found in the journal titled Genetics.

The scientists were working to understand which genes become active and why it happens during certain interactions. Additionally, determining whether or not certain activities may cause different genetic interactions may help researchers uncover potential causes of certain disorders like bipolar disorder or autism.

Researchers explain that people should be careful about who they interact with, as relationships may affect health, behavior, and overall wellness more than expected.

For the study, researchers analyzed genetic changed when flies interacted with same-sex flies and flies from the opposite sex. Also, analyzing flies that did not contain specific genes during various interactions helped researchers make several conclusions about these theories.

This study shows that significant ground is being covered in terms of unlocking how genes play a role with social interactions.