Breast Implants Raise Risks Of Dangerous ‘Combination Disease’

Breast implants may lead to a very dangerous combination disease, ALCL

New studies by the Food and Drug Administration have linked a potential rare and very dangerous combination disease, anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) to breast implants.

When a woman receives breast implants, tissue around the implant is scarred, increasing the risks of certain disease in that area.

Additionally, certain complications accompany any surgery, and the implant procedure is no different. Fluid buildup, inflammation, and scarring are all potential results from receiving an operation like breast implants.

According to, ALCL is more dangerous than many believe. In fact, when analyzing the diseased cells under a microscope, there is a protein that binds two separate diseases together. Whether or not the individual has this protein may be instrumental for the prognosis and outcome of the disease.

While many scientists and doctors group the disease into one, it is a combination of two separate diseases that are bound by a specific protein chain.

This specific disease is extremely rare, and is only found in about 3 percent of adults.

Treatment options vary drastically whether or not the individual contains the protein link or not, but chemotherapy is a primary option.

Experts urge women with breast implants to watch them carefully for any pain, discomfort, swelling, or changes, and to report any of these instances to a health professional.