Abortion Does Not Cause Mental Illness, Researchers Say

Women who have abortions appear no more likely to suffer from depression

A new report explains that women may not experience any mental health issues after having an abortion. Long thought to cause feelings of depression or various stress disorders, abortions may not have detrimental mental health effects on the woman.

Danish researchers published a report in the New England Journal of Medicine adding to the already extensive amount of information that provides no link between mental disorders and abortions.

While some are still debating the issue, the research provides clear evidence that abortions do not negatively impact the mental health of the woman, researchers explain.

For the study, researchers analyzed records of mental health visits prior to and after an abortion in more than 350,000 women who had an abortion.

No women had mental health issues prior to the study. Visits to mental health providers were tracked for nearly one year before and one year after having an abortion.

While rates following an abortion showed very little increase, women with prior mental illness were more likely to get an abortion when compared to women without mental illness.

Another interesting theory researchers explain is that prior mental health problems may make the woman more likely to have an abortion as well.