Whooping Cough Precautions Urged, Officials Say

Whooping cough treatments can be very costly if not insured

What was thought as an almost forgotten illness, whooping cough has not disappeared. In fact, California residents are being urged by health officials to take proper precautions. Nearly 8,000 people had whooping cough last year in California alone. All new students will be required to have a vaccination for whooping cough, and parents are urged to act sooner rather than later to get children immunized.

In 2010, California noticed possibly the worst year for whooping cough cases in more than 20 years, the Department of Public Health said.

As an illness that can be difficult to notice, it may keep individuals and households infected for longer periods of time.

Another issue many explain, is the drastic cost associated with whooping cough treatment. Because many people do not have health insurance, the largest problem is being able to afford proper treatment rather than having difficulty finding the right treatment.

California residents can search CalPatientCare.org (click on “Find Low or No Cost Services Near You”) for local providers that can care for individuals with little or no insurance.