Can’t Sleep? Get Out Of Bed, Researchers Suggest

Laying in bed without sleeping may be a cause of sleep disorders

For insomnia patients, just getting out of bed may help alleviate the sleep disorder.

A study performed by University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researchers found what might help individuals suffering from insomnia.

For the study, researchers analyzed 79 people with insomnia. The average age of the individuals was 72.

The researchers explain that when experiencing difficulty sleeping or unsatisfying sleep, it is highly recommended to actually spend less time being in bed.

The sleep disorder, insomnia, is explained as having trouble falling asleep or maintaining sound sleep. Researchers believe as many as 50 percent of people are affected by insomnia.

Lack of sleep can lead to many other physical ailments, including high blood pressure and lack of mental focus.

Researchers state many people suffering from insomnia often lay in bed thinking or worrying about sleep. Worrying about sleeping often makes it more difficult.

Suggestions include not laying down with the intention to induce sleep. When ready for sleep, laying down and sleeping should take only 5 minutes or less. The bed should be used for sleeping, so laying in bed without being able to sleep often makes it more difficult for individuals to fall asleep when in bed.