Breast Implants May Cause Rare Cancer, Experts Explain

Breast implants may be the cause of a rare type of cancer

A new study might show a link between breast implants and a rare cancer.

Federal health officials explain that certain types of breast implants may increase risks of having anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), a very rare cancer. Investigations are currently underway.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) explain the implants may cause scarring in the tissue near the implant.

While the risks have been noticed, additional data must be gathered. Officials urge health professionals to report any cases that may help show more insight about the potential link.

Currently, officials are working to compile a master list of individuals who have received breast implants. Doing so could largely assist in formulating any links between implants and the occurrence of ALCL.

Until further data has been gathered, officials are trying to inform surgeons and women alike about the potential risks and the new findings.

In most ALCL diagnosis cases, patients experiencing pain, swelling, or lumps returned to surgeons with concerns. Fluid had collected around the implant, and after examination of the fluid, diagnosis was made.

Experts explain that as many as 10 million women may have breast implants throughout the world.

While additional information is required, women with breast implants are urged to check on their implants regularly and report to a doctor if any changes are noticed.