ADHD Medications, Like Ritalin, May Alter Personality

ADHD medications may cause personality alterations

With the increase in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder cases throughout the world, among other mental disorders, many doctors are instantly turning to medication as a solution.

Even with the knowledge that Ritalin, among other commonly prescribed stimulant drugs, may contain significant negative side effects, prescriptions are being issued to children more than before.

The most dangerous finding, is that when asking children about their experiences and how they feel after stopping their medications, the children explain feelings of being completely different, like a different person.

Are childhood prescriptions causing early addictions and increasing the cases of personality and mental disorders?

Studies at the University of Queensland have found that prescription drugs are used in nearly 90 percent of ADHD cases.

Many experts suggest optional methods of treatment before medication, including behavior therapy that can be used as a restructuring method.

Some researchers explain that children just cannot handle the potential personality changes that accompany the drugs, and this may lead to long-term health issues.

Concerns are raising as the prescriptions appear to be increasing, and the availability of alternative treatments are not receiving as much attention.

Many believe treating anybody, especially children, with methods other than medication are ideal, when possible.