Why A Cooler House May Help Lose Weight

Keeping the house cooler may help weight loss during the winter

A new study explains that indoor heating may be a contributing factor of the seemingly ever-growing obesity epidemic in the United States.

Researchers at the University College London explain that the healthy body weight maintenance may be affected by the overall decreased exposure to the cold.

Keeping the inside of a house warm may cause the body to work less. When the body is not actively trying to stay warm, less energy is used. Researchers believe the high temperatures many homes are set at could be a contributing factor to overweight individuals throughout developing countries.

Experts continue by explaining that many people are experiencing much more mild temperatures in general, due largely to the significance of indoor heating.

Another change this may have on the body is a reduction of adipose fat. Adipose is well known for its ability to produce heat and burn energy for the body.

Overall reductions in temperature swings for the body may be playing a large role in the weight gain in developed nations.

Some believe keeping the house cooler could negate these effects. Exposing the body to a wider range of temperature and forcing it to work a little harder to keep warm, especially during the winter, could be the first step to solving this issue. Plus, it would lower energy costs as well.

The study can be found in Obesity Reviews.