“Nutrition Keys” To Appear On Food Packages

New nutrition fact labels may overtake the previous way of reading nutrition facts

The old way of reading nutrition labels may be going out the window. New packages plan to make a new nutrition label that easily outlines important nutrition facts on the front of packages, in a very easy to read sequence and layout. These new labels will include calories, fat, sugar content, and sodium content.

These new labels are being called “Nutrition Keys” by the food industry. They were developed by the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Marketing Assn. These label changes go along with the proposed changes to reduce childhood obesity, making healthier food choices much more simple for consumers to make.

Smaller packages will probably only contain a calorie icon on the front, but larger packages may include recommended vitamin and mineral content on the front as well.

The original style nutrition labels will not be removed from packages even with this addition. Instead, packages will contain the detailed nutrition facts as well as this quick and easy labels.

These new labels have received mixed reviews, as some believe this will do very little to improve nutritional food choices.