Children Who Learn Self-Control Become More Successful, Wealthy

Teaching self-control to young children has shown to provide lasting positive results

A new study found that children who are able to have self-control when young show a greater chance of being healthy and stable than children who do not have good self control.

This study examined nearly 1,000 people from birth until over the age of 32 years old. The researchers found the lasting effects of self-discipline could start as early as when a child is just 3 years old.

Experts suggest that self-control may be as powerful as other factors that guide individuals through life as well, such as general intelligence and the social status when growing up.

The entire study can be found in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The first of its kind, this study shows just how powerful it is to start teaching children the importance of self-discipline at an early age. The long-term benefits are staggering, especially when compared to the potential negative consequences for lack of self-control.

Some experts believe so strongly on this matter that they explain self-control should be taught even if that means damaging a child’s self-esteem.

Additional studies are being conducted on the comparison between self-control and academic success.

Most researchers involved with learning more about the benefits of self-control, firmly believe this study is groundbreaking and will pave the way for the way children are brought up.