Student Dies From Flu, Vaccination Effectiveness Questioned

Many children still get the flu, some die, after receiving vaccines

Nearing the peak flu season, many people, especially children, have already received vaccinations for both flu and swine flu (H1N1). However, many children are still becoming infected with either virus and in some cases, dying from complications caused by the virus.

In New Jersey, a student in elementary school died from health complications after contracting the flu.

The student went home after school on Thursday and was taken to the hospital on Friday. The student, name and age information have not yet been released, died on Saturday at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

School officials have said students have had flu vaccinations, but also explained 14 students to leave school during the week with ‘flu like symptoms’.

Due to the minor outbreak, the school has used disinfectant cleaner on Friday and Sunday.

For parents and health officials, this case and others of young children who have received vaccinations for the flu but still contract the virus and in some cases, die from it, raises eyebrows as to whether or not the vaccinations are actually effective.

Health officials have made no additional statements after this case and have still said that flu vaccinations are recommended for young children.