Medical Marijuana Companies Formulating “Soda Pot” Drinks

Manufacturers working to produce "soda pot" drinks

With the growing discussions and actual legalization of marijuana for medical usage, certain manufacturers will soon have a new ‘treat’ for those who can legally ingest marijuana.

The treat — soda pot — will be sold for more than $10 per unit and will be found in drinks named Orange Kush, Doc Weed, and Canna Cola. These beverages will have THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical that provides the “high” from smoking marijuana.

Manufacturers of these types of drinks claim there are already alternatives on the market but the current drinks contain much higher concentrations of THC.

Drinks like Canna Cola plan to contain an average of 50 milligrams of THC.

The founder of Diavolo Brands, Scott Riddell, explains Canna Cola will be like that of a “light beer” in terms of drinking THC — not nearly as potent as some of the other beverages available.

The recreational use of marijuana is considered legal throughout the world, but certain areas do not criminalize the behavior.

Additionally, cannabis use is illegal when looking at federal law, but specific state laws have medical marijuana laws that allow the use of THC-based products for treatment of certain ailments and diseases.