Dogs, Cats Can Pass Disease To Owners, Research Shows

Dogs may carry bacterial infections and pass them to human owners

Dogs and cats could be passing illnesses to households. Researchers have discovered that individuals who sleep with, kiss, or are licked by pets have higher risks of developing certain illnesses that can only be transferred from an animal.

Although rare, researchers have documented various instances of individuals becoming infected by pets.

Some of the illnesses include bacterial infections often resistant to antibiotics, worm parasites, and certain types of plagues. Experts refer to these illnesses transmitted from pets as potentially some of the most deadly illnesses passed from animals to humans.

Researchers from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California became intrigued about beginning studies on pets and pet illnesses after learning about certain relationships with pets and how they could potentially affect the health of humans.

Some households have replaced the idea of having children with having pets. This behavior can sometimes lead to excessive, overbearing pet-owners.

Experts explain pets have a place in the home, but definitely not in the bed.

Long thought to be a healing process, allowing an animal to lick a cut or infection is actually more dangerous than helpful. Multiple cases of the plague have been passed from dog to human because of this behavior.

Researchers recommend individuals do not kiss pets regularly and to not sleep with animals. Also, making sure pets receive regular veterinary visits can help avoid infection and disease as well.