‘Good’ Cholesterol May Be Used To Lower The ‘Bad’

Butter is a leading culprit of high cholesterol

Doctors understand the basics of cholesterol but not much beyond that. What they do realize is that individuals who have high cholesterol (LDL, the bad kind) also have higher risks for heart disease. On the other hand, individuals who have lower cholesterol numbers experience much less risk for having heart disease.

What researchers and doctors have been working on is the ability to cut bad cholesterol levels. The best ways to do it have been by exercising, healthy diet, and taking cholesterol-reducing drugs called statins.

Heart experts have been analyzing the relative power of good cholesterol, HDL, as an additional deterrent of heart disease.

Research trials are currently being conducted on just how powerful it would be to utilize HDL to the benefit of many who have high cholesterol.

Another trial showed that the sheer cholesterol numbers are not as important as how efficient the cholesterol works in the body.

Doctors are very intrigued and interested in these studies and believe they could pave the way to lowering cholesterol and heart disease risks throughout the world.