Vorapaxar May Cause Brain Bleeding

Vorapaxar shown to cause brain bleeding in patients

A drug produced by Merck may have failed to explain potential negative side effects as investigators analyze trial data.

The drug, vorapaxar, was deemed as unsafe for people who have a history of stroke, but the actual risk data was not presented.

This finding caused significant damages to Merck’s name and value. Dropping almost $8 billion in market value, Merck can feel the damages from this mistake.

After the findings, Merck said to have relayed necessary information to the Data and Safety Monitoring Board.

An investigator on the trial explained the drug caused an increase in brain bleeding for patients who have a history of stroke. Additionally, the benefits of the drug do not appear to be greater than the potential, and now known, side effects.

Investigators did suggest that patients without a history of stroke remain in the study, whether or not a history of heart disease was present.

Merck previously stated an additional trial of the drug vorapaxar would not be completed.