Russian Baby Yoga: Healthy Or Child Abuse?

Woman swings babies in what is said “healthy yoga”

What American believes to be a new Russian yoga technique involving infants may not so new, a woman engaging in these practices explains.

In video footage, it appears as though the baby is fake. However, Nathan Thornburgh, an editor from Time magazine, explains to have met the 50 year-old woman, Lena Fokina, and the baby from the shocking videos.

During the video, the infant is a mere two weeks old and is tossed around like a doll. The woman appears to act swiftly, but America has been shocked after seeing the video.

The then two-week old infant is now two years old and incredibly healthy.

Lena Fokina explains this helps children develop and assists in mobility. She explains these techniques have been used in Russia for at 30 years.

Fokina acts defensively when interviewed as she points out that none of the babies show discomfort and none are crying. In fact, many of them laugh during this exercise. Additionally, these practices have been going on for more than 30 years in Russia, and any of the children involved are alive and healthy.

She encourages those seeking additional proof to come see the practice first hand.

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