Severe Psoriasis May Increase Risk Of Having Low Birth Weight Baby

Women with severe psoriasis may have low birth weight babies

Women who have severe psoriasis may be at risk of having a baby with low birth weight. In cases of mild psoriasis, women did not experience increased risks of low birth weights, but women suffering from severe psoriasis noticed nearly 150 percent increased risk of low birth weight babies.

The study can be found in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

For the study, more than 11,000 women without psoriasis and nearly 1,500 women with psoriasis were analyzed to determine various pregnancy risks.

After accounting for other medical issues in the women, researchers searched for risks of preterm birth and low birth weight, among a handful of other potential ailments infants may suffer from.

Researchers discovered women with severe psoriasis noticed nearly 150 percent increased chance of having a low birth weight baby when compared to women who did not have psoriasis. The risks were very slim when comparing cases of mild psoriasis and women without the ailment.

This study may help warm dermatologists and obstetricians about potential negative symptoms for infants based on the health conditions of the mother.