How The Apple iPad May Revolutionalize Healthcare

Apple products may help change the health industry

Apple has created a brand known for being on the bleeding-edge of technology and many consumers have absolutely loved that. Always the first and usually the best to release a type of product, some available applications for Apple products may drastically influence the health care industry as a whole.

With the growing user-base of these products, many companies, like Epocrates, have started creating specific applications related to health care to help users receive the information they need on an instantaneous basis.

One of the first applications of its kind is called Epocrates Rx. The application is a free mobile drug reference system and provides drug information, over-the-counter medications, specific drug interactions, medication tables and calculators, and ingredient information.

The application is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The database for this application contains more than 3,500 different medications and drugs and is updated weekly. The application is entirely free.

Epocrates also creates applications for BlackBerry, Palm, Android, and Windows Mobile.

Additional applications can be found at and include MedTools, Essentials, and Clinical News.