Male Infertility Can Be Treated With Antioxidants, Study Shows

Men with fertility issues may benefit from antioxidant supplements

New studies have shown that men may be able to increase fertility by supplementing with antioxidants.

Small, controlled trials have shown that men experiencing difficulties in impregnating their partner may benefit from taking an antioxidant.

Nearly 5 percent of men have some level of infertility. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) can damage cells, and if sperm cells are damaged, men may notice lower sperm counts and difficulty becoming pregnant.

With an effective antioxidant supplement, men may be able to reduce and prevent damages made by the reactive oxygen species.

For the study, 2,876 couples were evaluated. Most men in the study had low sperm counts.

To test the antioxidant theory, men were provided supplements like vitamin E, magnesium, and zinc.

When comparing to men who did not receive antioxidants, men became more likely to impregnate their partner while taking an antioxidant.

Previous studies have shown positive benefits of sperm quality on antioxidants as well.

Researchers could not effectively determine if a specific vitamin or mineral assisted in the fertility of men, but additional studies are being conducted.