Kudzu Root Extract Can Reduce Alcohol Desire, Consumption

Kudzu root extract may reduce the desire to consume alcohol

New research may have uncovered the secret to reducing alcohol dependence. Kudzu root extract has been found to increase the levels of ethanol in blood which may also reduce desire to consume more alcohol a study has found.

While the theory still requires more research, Chinese residents have been using kudzu root extract to reduce alcohol consumption. It is key to understand that this root has not been proven to completely stop drinking in any cases.

For the study, 12 adults were split into groups. One group was asked to take the extra and the other group a placebo. The adults were then asked to drink alcohol to allow researchers to analyze the effects of alcohol on the participants.

Prior to alcohol consumption, the root increased heart rate and blood alcohol content. Due to those findings, researchers think that consumption of alcohol after taking the supplement may make the effects from first alcohol drink more intense, potentially decreasing the desire to consume more alcohol.

The entire study can be found online in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

Additional studies will be conducted on the effects of kudzu and blood flow to the brain.