Genetic Mutation Found In Kidney Cancer Patients

Research shows another gene may be linked to kidney cancer

Kidney cancer may be caused by a gene mutation, as about 30 percent of all patients have this genetic mutation.

Researchers explain this as the second major gene link they found in conjunction with renal cancer.

Found in the popular journal, Nature, this study explains how the specific gene in question is present in specific cells.

Other experts explain this study to be an instrumental tool for developing therapy solutions in the future.

Nearly 50 percent of all individuals with kidney cancer experience no symptoms.

While this type of research has been under analysis for years now, scientists feel as though they are finally starting to pinpoint some of the intricacies of kidney cancer.

While 80 percent of patients experience genetic mutation of VHL, it may not be the only piece of the puzzle.

Another finding researchers noted was the gene PBRM1. In more than 30 percent of individuals, this specific gene is mutated in some form.

Researchers believe this is a promising finding and may help develop prevention or therapy solutions in the future.