Alcohol Consumption Negatively Affects Marriage Length, Quality

Frequent alcohol drinkers notice less marital success

A new study found that part of the growing divorce rate may be due to an increase in alcohol consumption, explaining that it may negatively affect marriage and lead to early separation.

The findings can be found in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

Researchers found that individuals who consumed alcohol frequently were more likely to be married at an older age, but experienced less success in marriage.

For the study, researchers analyzed more than 5,000 individuals on the basis of alcohol use, age they became first married, and how old they were as they became dependent on alcohol.

While this is not the first study of its kind, it may be a stepping stone in providing a link between alcohol use and the effects on marriage.

Experts warn young adults about the risks of alcohol use and the potential negative consequences it may have on marriage. As drinking frequency and amount increases, the chances of successful, long-lasting marriages decreases.

This study also shows that alcoholics are not the only individuals who notice adverse marital consequences based on alcohol consumption.