New Drug Provides ‘Best Chance’ To Cure Pancreatic Cancer, Doctors Say

New drug may effectively cure pancreatic cancer

As one of the most deadly cancer types, pancreatic cancer has been the topic of many studies and trials. Recently, experts claim to have discovered a way to cure the disease during the early stages.

The National Cancer Institute explains a complete cure of pancreatic cancer is possible if it is noticed early and the entire tumor is removed. Failing to address the disease in early stages and allowing it to progress results in survival rates around 5 percent.

This new research may be instrumental for Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. Jobs has been dealing with pancreatic cancer since 2004. Original surgeries removed the tumor, but the cancer has continued growing.

The most difficult part about pancreatic cancer is detection. In most cases, the cancer is not noticed until it has progressed into the latter stages. Scientists have been working on finding ways to detect it more rapidly, a potentially life-saving change for many.

A drug called Gefitinib has been shown to potentially cure pancreatic cancer when administered during the early stages of the disease. Right now, the drug is mainly prescribed to patients during late stages of the disease.

Experts explain this finding as monumental, and claim this to be the best chance to beat pancreatic cancer.

For the study, low doses of Gefitinib were used, and found to completely destroy cancer cells after just 41 weeks.

The ability to stop pancreatic cancer early is vital. With early treatment, the disease can be cured entirely. New trials will be conducted on individuals most at risk for developing pancreatic cancer.