Long Work Hours May Lead To Stress, Health Problems

Long work hours may create long-term health issues

Most people believe spending more than 12 hours at the office shows dedication and hard work. However, studies show that work quality decreases as employees become overburdened and health problems soon arise.

Whether or not the case of Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, taking another medical leave of absence is related or not, the growing problem with increased work hours and decreased health is evident.

Many employees think a boss will appreciate the long hours at the office. Some people waste time during the typical eight-hour workday to create reasons to work overtime. Instead, employees are urged to work more diligently during the regular eight hours, accomplishing more work and allowing for more rest and relaxation time.

Most Americans are proud of sleepless nights and staying late at the office. Some employers would rather have healthy employees and understand wasting time in the office is detrimental for the health of the company and the employee — a true lose-lose situation.

It is unrealistic to think an employee will never have to stay late at the office, but it is nothing something that is recommended for the long-term.