ADHD Difficult To Detect, Shares Symptoms With Bipolar Disorder

ADHD may be difficult to detect as it shares symptoms with other mental disorders

With the growing number of autism, bipolar disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder cases being diagnosed, many parents still overlook typical symptoms, especially in ADHD cases.

Although activity levels have largely decreased among children over the last 10 years, some children enjoy being active and engaging in a variety of activities in the home and at school.

However, certain warning signs have been released by the Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to help parents detect ADHD symptoms early and to assist in providing treatment options before potential mental disorders become overbearing.

The symptoms include inability to pay attention, inability to sleep, lack of attention to detail, quickly or easily distracted, trouble completing simple tasks or assignments, talkative, and showing difficulty in playing quietly.

While these symptoms are not a completely diagnosis of any disorder, children showing more than three of the symptoms may have ADHD.

Other factors that may influence a child’s attitude and behavior include stress from family or school issues, or recent drastic lifestyle changes.