Scientists Claim To Have Lung Cancer Vaccine

Scientists may have a vaccine for lung cancer

Scientists in Cuba claim to have developed a lung cancer vaccine. A drug called CIMAVAX-EGF was developed by scientists at the Cuban Center of Molecular Immunology. The drug is said to be the first ever vaccine that prevents lung cancer.

After 15 years of research, the drug is already being administered in Cuba. Other countries trying to get on board are Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia.

A chief researcher on the project explains the main difference between this drug and treatments like chemotherapy or radiation, is that it only targets cancer cells as opposed to every cell, including healthy ones.

CIMAVAX-EGF has supposedly been administered to more than one thousand patients already. After therapy treatment, patients receive this drug. While it is not known to cure lung cancer, it does claim to remove the death sentence that is usually accompanied with lung cancer. While still a chronic disease, the drug helps to control it.

Unlike many treatment options, the drug does not carry any serious side effects.

Researchers believe this drug may be effective at treating other cancers as well, including prostate, breast, and uterine cancer.

Cuban scientists have now produced 38 different drugs.