Cancer Fighting Properties Found In Pomegranate, Grape Juice

Ingredients known to prevent cancer can be found in grapes

Researchers have been spending a lot of effort working to find specific ingredients known to inhibit or even prevent cancer movement. At the University of California, researchers discovered that pomegranate and grape juice have been shown to weaken or even prevent movement of certain cancer cells.

For the study, researchers began adding juice to various types of cancerous cells to closely watch how, if at all, the cancer cells moved. They found the cancer cells to decrease movement in most cases.

The properties researchers believe to be instrumental to the decrease in cell movement are hydrobenzoic acid, phenylpropanoids, conjugated fatty acids, and flavones. Many of these properties can be found in pomegranate juice, grape juice, and certain meat and dairy products.

The findings have caused many supplements containing the specific elements to hit store shelves, including products fortified with acai berries, as they have shown cancer fighting antioxidants as well.

Researchers explain that foods that are deep or rich in color typically contain the most nutrients, and in many cases, the most antioxidants as well.

Additionally, the study noted that the juice may also prevent the spread of cancer to bone marrow, further cementing the idea that the benefits are real.